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Friday, September 10, 2010

God is Love

People who won't change their religious views after you very rationally burn their holy books and racially stereotype them are such unreasonable dicks.

If we in the Galactic Empire have learned anything from our dealings with the Rebel Scum, err... I mean, Rebel Leaders, it's that talking rationally in an attempt to put aside misunderstandings and misconceptions in order to find mutually beneficial solutions to problems is RIDICULOUS.

Pastor Terry Jones of the Gainsville Dove World Outreach Centre is right!

The one and ONLY way to convince people of how wrong they are (and how morally superior your clearly correct religious beliefs make you in comparison to their backwards superstitious magictalk) is to be intolerant, idiotic and aggressive towards them until they realise why they're wrong.

Of course, if against all reason that tactic fails, you can always just kill them all. This is a surefire way to please your benevolent God of choice and add bonus points to your Afterlife Rewards Scheme.