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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Empire Needs You: Propaganda Posters

A few people on the Twitter sent us a link to some absolutely amazing Star Wars propaganda posters designed by the ridiculously talented comic illustrator Cliff Chiang.

You can find his website, along with a detailed and genuinely interesting discussion of the creative process behind these images, here: http://cliffchiang.com/

However, just for the record Cliff, it is completely untrue that, "The only way [the Galactic Empire] could recruit is by presenting a very romanticized image of the Empire and service." We also use intimidation, bribery, brutality and a Galaxy-wide web of deceit.

Without further ado, starting with our favourite:

You can find a few more, including posters for the dastardly Rebel Alliance where we first saw them here.

Thanks to Cliff for giving us permission to post these!

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