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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Five (Mostly) Non-Evil Ways to Improve Twitter

On the day of Twitter's rollout of its new design, details of which can (kind of) be found here: http://twitter.com/newtwitter, the Death Star PR team put its minds to brainstorming a few ways to improve the tweeting experience:

  1. "Best of" List - allow users to select a small number of tweets that best represent them (5? 10? 20?) and what their account is about. This would give other users the opportunity to decide very quickly if they think someone is worth following.
  2. Conversation Stitch - allow users to "stitch" two or more timelines together so they can see a conversation in its entirety without having to flick between pages.
  3. @Message Removal - give users a button that allows them to switch between viewing another person's page with or without messages directed to other users if they choose, thus making it easier to get past the personal chatter and on to the messages meant for general consumption.
  4. Faster Scrolling - it would be fantastic if more messages could be viewed per page or scrolling down someone's page could be made speedier. The long wait between screen loads when you're going through past messages can be painful.
  5. Embed a subliminal message that makes Justin Bieber, Twilight and Paris Hilton fans kill themselves. Okay fine, just the Bieber fans. Failing that, at least ban them all. Failing that... well, let's just say we don't need much of a reason to fire up the Death Star's main laser.
Oh, and Twitter? Next time you do an ad for your product, please: less supremely cool hipster lifestyle documentary, more actual content information.

So that's it. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Your hate has made you powerful, and helped you come up with some damned good ideas.

    1 - 4 are good too

  2. Must say you did bring up some good suggestions. This Twitter would be awesome. Must say that a PR student I hope to find a firm like yours to in after graduation;)

  3. Tsuken - I'm sure somebody famous once said that hating things is the mother of invention.

    Nancy - Thank you! You can intern with us, if you like. What are your expectations re: workplace Force choking?