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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Darth Vader: Conductor (Not Just of Electricity)

Get it? GET IT? *Sigh*

No doubt you'll be surprised to hear this but ... Darth Vader gets some bad press. Maybe it's the imposing cyborg armour or the lack of witty banter when addressing subordinates in the tea room during lunch break. Some might even suggest that it's the liberal use of his lightsaber for employee terminations, or the ability to choke someone to death with the power of his mind. [It seems like you can hardly kill anyone these days without someone getting worked up about it.]

But Darth Vader does loads of other great things you don't hear much about: he Sithscribes to numerous magazines, he stars in strange Japanese cellphone commercials, he's the Death Star's reigning Jenga champion, and now you can add Imperial Orchestra Conductor to the list: