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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Changing your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon character to "fight" child abuse is like drawing a picture of a unicorn in a forest to "fight" pollution.

If you really are a bleeding heart liberal who wants to help the cause, go donate some money or time or do something that will materially, actually help someone in need.

Otherwise, you're just making yourself feel good about not really doing anything to help anyone.

Which makes you just like us.


  1. Starting Friday, December 10: Change your profile pic to your favorite porn star to stop the senseless killing of unicorns.

  2. We'll start spreading the word immediately.

  3. My thoughts and feelings EXACTLY! Blogged about it myself...
    "put your money where your FB status update is"
    ...if you really care SO much.
    Love your work DSPR