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Monday, June 6, 2011

Vadercation Episode II: Disneyland

A Sith Lord's work is never done, but that doesn't mean Darth Vader can't take time out from his busy schedule of Jedi killing and dissident suppressing to take a little Vadercation every now and then.

When he asked the PR team to schedule his next holiday, the boss had only a few requirements:
  • No lava
  • Seriously, no lava
  • Holiday venue should be run by a merciless Empire
  • Plenty of high adrenalin activities to keep the losing wife/friend/limbs night terrors away
  • Lots of attractive yet non-threatening Princess-types
  • Constant screams of the innocent a plus
Only one place fit all of the criteria: Disneyland. Obviously. Sit back, use the Force to grab a drink from the fridge and enjoy the highlights from the Dark Lord's Disneyland Vadercation to the all new Star Tours.

Thank you to the many, many Sithizens who sent us the link.

1 comment:

  1. It is well to see that Lord Vader found a suitable place to relax.