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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scissors, Paper, Lightning Fingers

In honour of Death Star PR's 2,000th tweet, Emperor Palpatine has kindly given us permission to print the rules to his favourite game, "Scissors, Paper, Lightning Fingers". The handy instructional graphic and written rules are below.

So enjoy, Galaxy. Play the game at home until it causes heated arguments/bloodshed between you and your otherwise beloved family members.

Here are the rules:
Scissors cuts Paper 
Paper covers Rock 
Rock smashes Saber 
Saber blocks Lightning Fingers 
Lightning Fingers melts Rock
Rock bashes Scissors 
Scissors stabs Lightning Fingers 
Lightning Fingers burns Paper
Paper Order 66's Saber
Saber slices Scissors

Want to play the game everywhere? Of course you do. It's available on a t-shirt here: http://deathstarpr.spreadshirt.com/

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