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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winners: "Insult A Rebel" Competition

Before we announce the winners of this week's competition, we'd just like to take this opportunity to say that everyone who participated is a winner*, because making fun of Rebel losers is what winners do.

Most devastating insults and the winner of Nerdoh's 'Mos Eisley' t-shirt after the jump.

*But not a winner in the classically literal, some would argue more "actual" sense, because obviously this is a competition run by a ruthlessly evil Galactic Empire, which means we already gave out most of the prize t-shirts to our buddies so we only have one left to give away.

While many of the entries helped us get our maniacal laugh on, the following were our favourites:

Two dudes singlehandedly take over the Senate, kill ALL the Jedi that won’t die of old age, destroy a planet, & sap all high technology, & the rebellion thinks it WINS?!

How did they find enough thrust to move that Porkins guy in an X-wing?

@princessleia Hey, I haven't talked to your family in so long! How are they doing? Dead? And Alderaan? Gone? Ouch.

Hey, Rebel, what are you REALLY rebelling against? The parents that never loved you?

Not Actually Louis Wane:
@HanSolo You're so scruffy, the Nerf Herders sent you "Grooming For Dummies".

@LukeSkywalker felt "the Force" growing inside him as soon as he saw Leia. And they think the Dark Side is twisted?

Dear Admiral Ackbar, Met your parents. They were wonderful... with tartar sauce.
(He's right, they really did taste delicious)

To Shane go the spoils. Email us your address and preferred shirt size) so we can forward them to Nerdoh.

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