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Monday, November 15, 2010

Winner: How I'd Take Over the World

The Death Star PR team has been hard at work this week, organising a cake raffle to raise funding for a new photocopier after the last one mysteriously smashed itself into thousands of pieces with a fire axe, then set itself on fire, then fired its own charred remains into the cold vacuum of space.

Anyway. We've finally found the time to announce the winner of our very first competition: "How would you take over the world?" (and a fantastic 'Mos Eisley Cantina' t-shirt by Nerdoh)

Plans ranged from the disturbingly well-planned to the plain disturbing and seemed to involve a lot more Justin Bieber than we could ever have imagined. Plans we intend to set into operation on countless worlds over the coming months liked the best for our completely harmless and just for fun competition after the jump:

The Ones That Need Work:

Saam Rae for creating a zombie virus and a zombie virus cure and another zombie virus after that. Zombies aren't very good at taking orders, but they ARE very good at eating people, particularly the scientist-types who tried to give them those orders in the first place...

Celeste for her plan to get all the Wookiees to do her bidding. Celeste, you can't make friends with giant walking angry sentient wet carpet.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Turple-purtle for harnessing a crazy co-worker and the Flipper theme song in a horrifying war of attrition.

Taekinuru for a dastardly plan involving removing the earth's core piece by piece. With spoons.

A+I for recruiting a small army of pop music-loving Portugese Water Dog puppies, trained to make finger puppets and balloon animals, hell-bent on dominating the world with cuteness. We're surprised this hasn't been done before.

Karoline, mostly just for her opening line: "Ha! This is EASY." Then there was some stuff about BURGERS and an army of ANTS and becoming QUEEN OF THE WORLD. All too easy...

Eric Geller for coming up with a series of fool-proof contingency plans for every age bracket, and ensuring that Snuggie-wearers get taken out first.


Evil Overlord Don, for the most carefully thought out and devestatingly efficient World Domination plan involving Sith chihuahaus we've ever seen.
Overlord Don, please contact us via email with your postal address and preferred shirt size!

Thank you to all who entered.

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