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Thursday, May 12, 2011

IKEA Manual: Construct a Lightsaber

Whilst there are many vast evil empires in the universe, Apple and AT&T spring immediately to mind, there are others that fly under the radar, appearing to help the common man whilst actually insidiously, methodically and ruthlessly driving him to the Dark Side.

We're talking, of course, about Swedish self-assembled furniture companies. There is no faster route from mild mannered suburbanite to aggressive mass murderer than to purchase a bookshelf or space saving apparatus from IKEA. In many cultures, it is the final test before adulthood: can you build the TV stand/stare into the gaping maw of madness and retain even a small shred of your sanity?

The folks at College Humor have created a series of superb Sci-Fi IKEA Manuals which perfectly capture just how insanely unhelpful and downright evil IKEA's manuals actually are.

Enjoy. We're off to finish work on our Tjardiis.

There are supposed to be some bits left over, right?