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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hipster Star Wars

Yesterday on the Twitter David Hoang started a Hipster Star Wars tag. Some of the results were hilarious.

We thought we'd honour it by giving you the highlights of the greatest independent movie trilogy never to be made: Hipster Star Wars. Below you can find a link to the official opening crawl for the first film and the ten best quotes from the trilogy.

A long time ago when everything was cooler in a galaxy far, far away that's way too exclusive for you to have heard about...

Episode IV: A New Hipster

Click here for the official Hipster STAR WARS crawl.

And now, our take on the "top" 10 "quotes" from the trilogy. Feel free to like them ironically or whatever:

10. Sure, the Force is strong with him but can he beat my top score on Super Mario Bros 3 NES? - Emperor Palpatine
9. Yeah, the Cantina scene was cool, but that bar serves expensive imports and I only drink PBR. - Luke Skywalker (via @DepressedDarth)
8. Join me and together I guess we can rule the Galaxy and stuff... or whatever. - Darth Vader
7. I'd participate in Hipster Star Wars but everyone is doing it now. - Emperor Palpatine (via @LordPalpatine)
6. Mainstream society's acceptance? Shoes? A hipster Jedi craves not these things. - Yoda
5. The Empire? Yeah, their first Death Star was okay, but a SECOND Death Star? So five years ago. - Han Solo
4. Meh the Force be with you... or whatever. - Obi Wan Kenobi (via @bonniegrrl)
3. Leia: I love your scarf.
Han: I know.
(via @TheSlush)
2. I joined the Empire before it was cool to go Dark Side. - Grand Moff Tarkin
1. I liked Admiral Ackbar before he knew there was a trap. - Mon Motha (via @DavidHoang)