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Friday, October 22, 2010

10 Ways to Remove Pesky (Blood) Stains


On the Twitter on Sunday we asked a simple, innocent question: "You guys, what's the best way to get blood and memories out of a Giorgio Armani suit?"

Apparently the people of Earth have a lot more experience in blood spatter removal than we would have thought because the replies flooded in.

Below are our ten favourite answers:

10. Google it. (via _Age_)
9. Blowing up a small, defenseless planet. And a little bit of vinegar. (via Luarien)
8. Soak that suit in a baptismal font of baby tears. (via Serveyoursoul)
7. Put the suit on Yoda and throw them both in a blender... Oh wait. Hmm... at least the memories (and your nemesis) will be gone. (via Jb_Paris)
6. White wine SHOULD treat both the blood and the memories. (via Catavich)
5. Plenty of peroxide on the suit (rinse lightly) and plenty of tequila in the system with a roofie... works every time. Suit first. (via Momofed)
4. Mix a little vinegar with the blood and tears of a member of the Rebel Alliance. And remember - dab, don't rub. (via Brock_)
3. Actually I know a place! There's this great dry cleaners on Alderaan, oh wait... (via MarkeeMarker)
2. Throw some wires and LEDs in there and sell it to jawas. (via the boss, helpful as always - Lord Palpatine)

1. PLUNGERS. They usually leave the SUBJECT as a dry HUSK. But memories are extracted EASILY. YOU should get a PLUNGER ASWELL. PLUNGERS also aid in declogging HUMAN TOILETS. (via DalekPR)

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