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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finally, you can BE a Jedi with Kinect Star Wars!

There have been many Star Wars games, but even when the lightsabers came out, few gave you the feeling of what it might actually be like to be a Jedi.

Until now. Finally, Kinect Star Wars promises to do exactly that. Here's how:
  • The Jedi live by a strict moral code, which basically means there's a ton of things you can't do. In Kinect Star Wars, you're on rails, so there's heaps of things you can't do, even if you want to, even though your amazing Force powers should allow you to do them.
  • The Jedi are excellent at taking orders. With the game on rails, you'll hardly have to think for yourself at all!
  • Jedi have spectacular Force powers, but rarely use, except to push or pull the occasional thing. The game is eerily true to life.
  • The Jedi are in peak physical fitness, as you'll be after spending 17 hours jumping on the spot trying to get your avatar to do one little jump, which you could have done in about 0.002 of a second if you had a controller instead.
  • Jedi are good at getting shot in the face. As you can see in the trailer below, within thirty seconds of fighting your first few battle Droids, you will know exactly what it felt like to be a Jedi during Order 66.

Via Topless Robot.


  1. seriously that'd make sweat to more than one.

  2. wow that game looks terrible, no movement controls? did you see him trying (unsuccessfully) to dodge?
    Turning movement into button pushes, THAT'S what is terrible, same with the Wii.

    Best Wii (and kinect) games use the movement 1:1,

  3. amazing that online game looks dreadful, absolutely no activity handles? did you observe him or her seeking (unsuccessfully) to be able to avoid?
    Turning activity in to key catapults, THAT'S what is actually awful, do i think the the actual Nintendo wii.

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