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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Darth's Dark Side Mix-Tape

Recently we asked the Twitterverse for submissions of classic Dark Side Songs for a mix-tape that Darth Vader was making for a special lady friend.

With many thanks to all of those who gave their suggestions, here's the final EPIC playlist:

1. The Killers - "Mr. Darkside"
2. U2 - "Where the Sith Have No Names" (via Ferreira)
3. Van Halen - "Ain't Tarkin 'Bout Love" (via kennhoekstra
4. James Brown - "Palpatine's Got A Brand New Bag"
5. Don Maclean - "The Day That Alderaan Died" (via LeftFighter)
6. Bob Marley - "No Padme No Cry"
7. Luke "The Temptation" Skywalker - "Papa was a Ruling Sith" (via LordPalpatine)
8. Bill Withers - "Ain't No Sunshine (When Padme's Gone)"
9. Pink Floyd - "Darth Side of the Moon" (via JRBSays)
10. The Beach Boys - "Bad Vibrations"
11. U2 - "With or Without Dooku" (via Fryphile
12. AC/DC - "Back in Black Leather" (via LeftFighter)
13. The Rolling Stones - "You Can Always Get What You Want (When You're Evil)"
14. The Carpenters - "Rainy Days And Mondays (Always Cheer Me Up)" (via cuddlybantha)
15. Nirvana - "Feels Like Rebel Spirit" (via CameronNeil)
16. LL Cool J - "Vader Said Choke You Out"  (via LeftFighter)
17. Eric Idle - "Always Look on the Dark Side of Life"

If this doesn't get Darth some lady love, nothing will.

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